Singapore, Day 1

I'm in Singapore. The travel itself isn't worth talking about in that it all seemed really interesting to me at the time, but the minutia over sitting on my butt for 20 hours on an airplane probably doesn't make good reading material.

I did keep myself up, so after arriving Friday night late I crashed pretty quickly and slept for 5 hours or so.

In the morning we went to the beautiful Singapore Botanical Gardens and had a breakfast buffet at Halia with a huge variety of foods asian and american. Puff Potatoes, for instance (er, that'd be tater tots), made-to-order egg dishes, fruit spreads, french toast--but the best was the laksa, a common Straights area breakfast. It's a spicy curry soup with chicken chunks on the bone and a fried flatbread to soak up the juices.

We walked around for awhile before catching a cab to an amazing bookstore, Kinokuniya in the huge, fancy Takashimaya Shopping Centre, a Japanese mall. When I say Japanese, I don't mean that it has Japanese stores, but that it's Japanese owned. The stores were more in line with Cartier and other expensive, very pricey stores.

We walked out onto Orchard street, the main shopping district in Singapore. It's a wide tree-lined boulevard, hotels embassy's, sculpture, outdoor 7-11's that look like big kiosks and lots, and lots of malls.

This is the land of malls, it seems. The most popular sport being shopping. The malls are grouped by theme. So, for instance, there is the kids mall we went to to buy Scrabble at Toys 'R Us. All the shops are about kids and clothes and kids needs. There is also the IT mall, where all, the computer hawkers are. We'll visit there another day.

We had a Papaya smoothie at one place, and ended up in the ultra-modern and chic Nooch for lunch--a noodle place that looks straight out of the pages of *Wallpaper. The food was noodles as far as the eye can see, grouped by the region of asia they came from. I had a very enjoyable Pepper Beef Udon meal served by our hipper-than-hip Japanese waiter who had moussed his hair up into a ridge.

We made our way home, and Charles got to work while Dani and I walked over to the supermarket and a quick trip by Ikea for some necessities. We made dinner, and come 10pm I couldn't keep my eyes open. I crashed out into a deep slumber.

Posted by: Martin McClellan
On the date of: October 23, 2004 07:01 PM
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