Singapore, Day 3

With James back in school, and Charles back at work, Dani and I set out to adventure around the city a bit. We decided to go visit Charles at work and partake of the museums on campus.

The National University of Singapore seems like a great campus, with free bus shuttles to get around. We went to Charles' office, and then to the museums where we saw a few exhibits, the most notable of modern Chinese art. One artist in particular was quite impressive to me--his name is Hong Hao, and the pieces in the gallery where a series of silkscreen prints designed to look like photos of old books open to the pages of maps, usually detailing a corporate landscape.

Also impressive was an installation by Leung Mee Ping called Memorize the Future. She made hundreds of tiny shoes out of human hair. The card said: "Her work is concerned with turning the meticulous into the monumental."

After walking out of the museum (and my glasses steaming up) we took the tram back to meet Charles, and went to the faculty club The Kingfisher Cafe for a tasty lunch. I had Gado Gado (Indonesian), and a lime juice with agar agar (just plain weird, but along the lines of bubble tea, with fresh lime juice instead of weirdly sweetened stuff, and instead of bubbles, the agar agar noodles).

We went home to meet James, and the three of us went to the IT Mall. On route James listed the many logical reasons why he should be bought an X-Box (very methodical, but alas, I suspect, unconvincing to Dani). Luckily at the mall he got to play on one. But first we had dinner.

Singapore has an extremely unique feature-- hawker centers. In attempting to move hawkers off the street and better regulate food safety, food venders were moved into central locations and grouped together around a bunch of tables. The food available at them is a wide variety of styles, but mostly asian varieties. Newer hawker centers are called food courts, and look just like a food court one might find at any US mall, but with the difference that the food is generally much better. Well, generally being the key word--I had an okay beef noodle soup with some really good green onion pancakes for dinner.

We walked around the IT mall, looking at technology, which all seems to be reasonably priced here, and then went to Cold Storage (grocery store) to pick up some groceries, and then spent the rest of the evening at home listening to Indian music and talking.

Posted by: Martin McClellan
On the date of: October 25, 2004 06:07 AM
Sorry for the earlier confusion, folks--if you tried to post a comment and couldn't, you should be able to now.
It all sounds so fabulous! Post pictures of your delicious meals!
I am with you in spirit -- all the way. Thanks for doing this Martin. Thanks for taking me to Singapore with you. You could include just a few more pictures of my grandson -- like, don't you want to visit his school or something???? I love looking at the art you liked. I also want more pictures of the apartment -- and the lovely new plants! Thank you, I love all of you and I can pretend that you are just around the corner! (even though you ARE a blabbermouth)
The site kept telling me that I couldn't post without the security code? Isn't that the 6-digit number? Anyhow, I can see that it did post. Martin, how about linking this to dad's blog?
That mango smoothie looks devine! Yum. I love the signage photos and hearing about how getting around Singapore is so well designed. Thanks for sharing your trip.
Thanks for taking the time to record something about your days in Singapore, Martin. I love your pictures and your eye for the humorous or questionable. Iíll put a note on Bright Wings inviting people to visit you here and see what our kids are up to. Have a great visit and keep the pictures coming
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