Singapore, Day 10

Dani and I were up early--she was enticed out of the door by Killiney Kopitiam, and indeed we had a fine breakfast of Kaya Toast, French Toast, and white coffee. Dani was just as pleased with the place as Charles was, and its great to have a breakfast for two for about $5.00 Sing ($2.75 or so US).

I'm going to miss the coffee most. I love good coffee, and this coffee is thick, rich and delicious--the sweet condensed milk enhancing rather than masking its strong flavor. The best!

I won't miss kaya too much, though, because I'm packing some home--both the green Nonya style and the brown Hainese style.

After breakfast we worked our way around Orchard Street for a bit before grabbing the MRT to Little India. It was much different than the other day. For one, we were informed that Sunday night is the only day off for the working Indian men, so they all congregate in Little India to socialize. Also, during the day we could find ourselves around a little better.

We wandered through an open-air market, buying small items left and right--but it wasn't until we we wandered a bit off of where we were last week did we realize that we missed a large portion of the vendors.

There were sweet smelling flowers for Deepavali, a german ice-cream vendor, and table after table of hallmark-style cards for the holidays. Many trinkets, but we dug up some cool stuff.

We ate lunch at the same place we ate dinner at before since it was so good, having Dosai and sweet tea. Like breakfast, it was inexpensive. Lunch under $10.00 sing for two people eating tons of food. I've never ate so well and so cheaply.

We got caught in the rain, and although we bought an umbrella, both of us had soaking arms on the opposite side where they stuck out. We were shopped out, though, so we grabbed an MRT home.

When James got home from lunch, we decided to walk over to Anchor Point, and had lunch at the food court area there--American food from Chef Kenny. It wasn't quite American, but it was pretty fun--pork chops slathered in gravy, french fries, a grilled and buttered bun, and chopped salad with baked beans on top a fried egg on top of that.

We had to walk over to Ikea to grab a taxi. Taxi's are so common here, that every shopping mall has a taxi stand where people stand in line and wait for a cab. They usually move pretty quickly, except during rush-hour and when it starts pouring rain. It's all very organized, and makes good sense.

The other funny thing is that in Singapore which side of the street you grab a cab can make the difference of a few miles (and a few dollars) in your ride. This is because the roads are so twisty and long, sometimes without u-turn areas, and also because there are so many different ways to get everywhere that the cabbies, unless you specify a route, will go any which way they please. I have not seen any evidence that they do this to drive up your fare, but it could be. Anyway, that is why we had to cross the sky bridge and go to Ikea. We grabbed an ice-cream cone, and cabbed it home.

By the way--as you may have noticed, I'm a few days behind on this blog, but I'm also leaving tomorrow, so don't expect the last few days of my trip to show up before the weekend or so! What will happen in my last few days? What treats await you, my faithful viewers? Check back in a few days, and you'll find out!

Posted by: Martin McClellan
On the date of: November 1, 2004 01:05 AM
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