Singapore, Day 12

Singapore, after daylight savings, was 14 hours ahead of the west coast. So, when we woke up at 7am or so on Wed morning, it was 3pm west coast, 6 pm east coast. We turned on CNN and watched the the results come in as the polls closed.

We had a pull-out from the New Yorker that had a map and little blue stickers with donkeys on them, and little red stickers with elephants on them. James was put in charge of applying the correct sticker to the correct state, a task which he was interested in only for the first few hours, after which I believe if he could have put the stickers on with his toes without leaving his lounging position on the couch, he just might have.

Some friends of Dani and Charles came over with their daughter to have coffee and watch with us. Well, we all know now what happened, but on that day we had Kaya toast, coffee and tea praying that suddenly Ohio would flip one way (and not so much the other). By 3pm we realized that things weren't going to change, and poor Larry King looked like he was about to have a stroke sitting for so long at the commenter's desk on CNN. Even worse, Wolf Blitzer was to distracted by the wall-of-graphics to pay attention to the sufferings of his small audience, with which he occasionally interacted when there was a lack of actual news and they had to do something to keep us watching.

We decided to lunch at the Chinese Deli that Dani and I had eaten at earlier in my stay, but since they have a more formal sit-down place, we opted for there. I ordered my last Singaporean Roti Prata with chicken curry. So very good! James had the same, and Dani ordered something that had crunchy fried fish on it--the look of it reminding me of a childhood friend who had a skeleton of a piranha mounted on a little stick in his bedroom. Of course, Dani's fish didn't bite back, but it wasn't quite what she expected so she traded with Charles, who eagerly crunched it down. She ended up with a seafood rice dish.

Afterward Charles headed off to work, and James, Dani and I strolled through some shops. We took a cab to a mall that we had passed a few times, Great World City. It was a bit glossy and modern for our tastes--but if you want overly conscious designy knick-knack shops, I might suggest it.

I had a lot of packing to do, so we went home and hung out, watching the race go for that other prick and his henchmen. We had a mellow dinner at home, topped off with a delicious Mango that Rossi brought over when she came to say goodbye. I spent hours arranging and then rearranging all of the little things I bought. Who knew they would be so heavy? They all managed to fit into a respectable amount of luggage, and so I was ready to go the next day. Sad, but it had to happen sometime, eh?

Posted by: Martin McClellan
On the date of: November 3, 2004 09:28 PM
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