Songs About Threesomes

Shouldn’t there be an exhaustive list of songs about threesomes? I think so too! I guess we should make some rules. The songs should be unabashedly about three people sleeping together, or somebody trying to convince the other two that a threesome would be a good idea. They should specifically not be about a cheating or two lovers and the dilemma of picking one over the other (see Patti Smith’s We Three). Ménages à trois, not love triangles.

So far, the list has (unintentionally, and humorously) three entries:

  1. Triad — Jefferson Airplane (from the album Lather)
  2. I U She — Peaches (from the album Fatherfucker)
  3. Love With The 3 of Us — Stereo Total (from the album Musique Automatique)

Please use comments to suggest new entries, challenge current entries, or refine the rules, and thank you for your kind assistance.

Posted by: Martin McClellan
On the date of: June 19, 2005 07:21 AM
4. Three-Way -- Magnetic Fields (from the album Distortion)
My Girlfriend's Girlfriend by Type O Negative
No I In Threesome -- Interpol Two Guys (for Every Girl) -- Peaches
Lou Reed sings about "Making it with Frank and Nancy" in the song "New Age".
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