Thunderbunny, (circa) 1989-2005

Thunderbunny in the grass

Whereas I am not the stripe of person to write blog postings about my cat, but a companion of 15+ years has just past. And

Whereas in her life she was alternatively good, malicious, sweet, -pendant (both in- and de-), and suspiciously hungry much of the time. And

Whereas a life has impressed upon us with its life, so that in death we notice the passing of said life in singular and unforeseeable ways. And

Whereas that life of which I speak was filled with more feline intelligence than I have ever encountered before. Lest you think I simply favored her, I might tell you stories of how she would demand attention by knocking over glasses of water if they happened to be next to the bed, or drag her claws lightly on the wall that is our headboard like nails on a chalkboard to announce her witching hour boredom, or I might speak of when I first received her into my life, and she would clawfully scale the tapestries on the wall and bounce with her cat body to spring free the push pins for batting around on the hard wood floors. I might tell you of her preternatural sense of when visitors would come and she would be hidden before their arrival, and if they were children she would wisely stay hidden until they departed. But mostly I would be the first to tell you if I had a cat who was cute and dumb, or ugly and mean, so you must believe that there is no bias when I say that the cat was smart. And

Whereas she was unique in her appearance, being powder soft, pure white, with yellow eyes, and in later years--a cancer survivor like her keeper--she lost her ears and adopted the look of a baby harp seal. We told her that her Christmas present that year was cosmetic surgery. And

Whereas she was the runt of the litter, but never a runt in any heart. And

Whereas she was christened for a man whom I have never met, but who seems to be a bit famous with bored teenagers reading phonebooks (as is how the name was first discovered when I myself was a bored teenager who read phonebooks). And

Whereas she was the last surviving cat of her litter, to my knowledge, outliving her brother by three years. And

Whereas she is likely to be the last cat we own,

LET IT BE KNOWN that Thunderbunny has died on this day. I declare such publicly to honor the life that accompanied mine for such a long time.

Long live Thunderbunny!

Thunderbunny has died.

The White Cat
Alan Porter

The fire whispered to the old white cat:
"I shall grow fat.
Out in the night I'll jump, and there
Swallow up the air.
I shall take trees and mountain-tops for tinder
Till the whole world's a cinder."

Still dozing by the fireside sat
The old white cat.
Posted by: Martin McClellan
On the date of: October 5, 2005 12:13 PM
And it must also be remembered that she liked being skritched very, very, very hard.
Martin and Christine, We are sad that Thunderbunny is no longer with us physically, but we are glad that we had opportunities to share her company, albeit seldom in person, as she spent most of our quality times together under the bed!! Thunderbunny, as a cat, exercised her perogative to socialize with those she deemed worthy of her presence while tolerating those who simply didn't measure up. While not qualifying as one of her chosen few, we did feel as though she tolerated us as much as can be expected of the feline bunch. Roberta and I extend our condolances to you and Christine. It is difficult to lose a pet as we certainly come to love them much as a human family member. Our thoughts are with you at this time. Dave&Roberta
I, too, would like to extend my heartfelt sympathies to you and Christine in appreciation and in respect for Thunderbunny who is, at this time, romping around heaven with your father who will probably get confused and call her Throckmorton.
We are sorry to hear about Thunderbunny. She was a good cat. James remembers sitting with her when he watched Futurama on your bed. I will remember her sitting in the flower boxes looking out at the world beneath her feet. We send our love to you both.
I am so sad for the passing of that strange cat I used to feed on occasion. Thunderbunny would run and hide as soon as I opened the door and would come out only when bribed with canned food. Then, she would warm up with a few purrrrrs, eat, and back into hiding. I'll be thinking of you.
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