The other Hellboxes

I was pleased tonight to find that this hellbox comes up as number two if you search for hellbox on Google. I was disappointed to find that two other hellboxes that were spoken for when I found this domain available some years ago are now gone. Both and are now owned by domain resellers. used to link to the hellbox page of Jonathan Corum, an interesting designer living in New York. His site, 13 pt., probably didn’t need the extra domain any more so he let it go. It’s worth digging around his various projects, some of them are quite nice. He’s a Yalie—I wonder if he used to hang out at the Beinecke and stare at the Gutenberg bible there? was owned by a designer who did as little with it as I did with this site for many years. Then, a few months back, I was excited to see that they were using the site to announce the publication of a design magazine called Hellbox. Bring it on! Or not. Now, they are gone without a trace.

Other hellboxes are not typographic in nature. There is a Japanese Hellboy fan site, and lots of mention of the band Hellbox. It amuses me to no end that they call themselves that, and adorn themselves with pentagrams and such. Well, like a real hellbox they are all about the metal. I guess they are truly practitioners of the black arts.

Posted by: Martin McClellan
On the date of: October 17, 2005 06:34 PM
You're right, he did hang out in the Beinecke and stare at the Gutenberg, and also distributed plenty of type in the college presses. When you're stuck staring at a handful of mixed-up lead the hellbox always looks so tempting ...
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