Matinees are the best

Last night Christine and I went to see a movie. We usually go to matinees, for two reasons:

1. They’re cheaper.

2. Less people.

But last night we found ourselves at Take Your Drunk to the Movies night at Uptown Cinemas. Or, maybe it was Take Your Loudmouth to the Movies night. Behind me was a couple in their late 50s that was intent on proving to each other, in full voices, how much they knew about any subject. He would pipe up to tell her a factoid, and she would retort another moments later. Having dinner with these two would be a full on thumb wrestle as they up-the-ante with each other on grey matter. Me thinks they protest too much…

Next to Christine was a women who kept passing out, and then speaking so loudly that her date had to shush her. Either he was a very stupid date-rapist who slipped her the roofie BEFORE the movie, or she had a few to many margaritas up the street.

In any case, matinees rule. Why pay more to be assaulted by people and their absolute disrespect for the filmmakers and fellow audience goers? Makes no sense to me.

Posted by: Martin McClellan
On the date of: October 21, 2005 10:00 AM
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