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My partner in screenwriting, Kent M. Beeson, had a great idea. Why don’t we document the writing of a screenplay live on the internet? Everything about it—every conversation, every bit of back-and-forth, every fight and every success would be out there for the world to see. Such a great idea can’t be passed up, so after much time of plotting, planning, we quietly began working on our site in December, started writing regularly in January, and are now continuing with our rollout. So, ladies and gentlemen, I’m proud to announce to you—the newest addition to the Hellbox family of blogs: Spitball!

Besides the fact that I believe we’re on the only people around attempting this, we decided to go for broke and are releasing the entire work—including the finished screenplay—into the public domain with a Creative Commons No Rights Reserved license. No matter how good, or awful, this work turns out to be, it will belong to everybody. Our hopes are that by removing the profit incentive we will get a more honest and interesting dialogue happening about our writing, the work itself, and especially between the people who will come visit us.

In addition to the blog—essentially a dialogue back and forth between Kent and Myself (who have taken on the moniker’s of some famed baseball spitballers—Urban Shockah (him), and Burley Grymz (me))—we have a forum where people can hang, talk and diss us any time they choose.

Check it out, and tell us what you think. Spitball! is open—let the games begin.

Posted by: Martin McClellan
On the date of: January 24, 2006 09:14 PM
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