Mac Usage at Cafe Fiore, Queen Anne

I’m a mac user. I’ve been one for years, although I also kept a Windows box around for various reasons until OS X came around. Now I’m exclusively mac.

I recently replaced my aging Pismo PowerBook with a 1.5ghz G4 Aluminum PowerBook, and in celebration of my new found battery life, walked up Queen Anne hill to the lovely Cafe Fiore to spend some time and write.

The sheer amount of PowerBooks just like mine was a bit overwhelming when I walked in, so I started keeping count for fun, and kept it up for the next 3 or so hours as I sat and wrote. Since Upper Queen Anne is a wealthy, hip neighborhood, I’d say this bodes well for Apple’s future market share:

6 15" Aluminum Powerbooks
1 12" Aluminum PowerBooks
1 Titanium PowerBook
2 12" white iBooks
1 14" white iBook
1 IBM thinkpad (older)
1 Generic PC laptop (couldn’t identify)
1 Dell Inspiron PC
1 Texas Instruments scientific calculator


Posted by: Martin McClellan
On the date of: March 8, 2006 05:54 PM
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