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I really like writing conversations. I think it comes from a lifetime of attempting to predict situations by imagining both sides of an argument. Oddly enough, in those encounters I often come off as the rational, well spoken one, while my partner suffers from lack of imagination in delivery. It helps, of course, that I can go back and re-run any lines that weren't spot on. These conversations usually happen when I'm walking or doing dishes. The real conversations rarely go as predictably, but I'm sure they are somehow informed by my practice. Isn't that why people do it? I know I'm not alone.

I posted a few stories, just for fun, two of which are conversations I imagined. Neither are arguments, per se, and neither have me in them. I've posted them and a story that is a legend that was inspired by a writing contest in which you had to write about all the liquids that our intrepid TSA is gathering in large unfiltered vats. I just know they are brewing it into some wicked terrorist-killing elixir.

The stories are here:

I used to write in Microsoft Word. Actually, I used to write on an Epson QX-16. I wrote a lot of material that is lost on obsolete floppies somewhere. So, in an attempt to unlock myself from proprietary formats I write now completely in plaintext using TextMate. I keep all of my writing in a Subversion repository on my machine at home that I can access via SSH. Because my stories were plaintext, I wanted a way to post them easily without a database.

This weekend I wrote a little php script that looks at the folder it is in, and any other folder in it gets listed by name with a link to that folder. So if I have a story titled "Mystery in History" I'd put it in a folder called "mystery_in_history," and the script removes the underscores and capitalizes it.

Then, in that folder I place the story marked up in textile (which is really usually only adding emphasis and bolding), and an index file that loads and parses the textile for presentation. To post, all I need to is throw up the story and copy my index file, and that's all it takes.

Kind of a poor man's content management system, for when I don't feel like mucking with Movable Type templates.

Posted by: Martin McClellan
On the date of: September 12, 2006 07:53 PM
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