Mmmmm, tail

In the illuminating BBC documentary The Power of Nightmares (available for free viewing on, we learn that during the Reagan administration the Neo-Cons were eager to pin disparate terrorist groups on a fictional Russian endeavor. In doing so, a report was made, titled the Terror Network, the Secret War of International Terrorism. Melvin Goodman, Head of Office of Soviet Affairs CIA from ‘76-‘87, was asked to review the report and found that much of the stated evidence to make the case for the Soviet Union’s supposedly masterful moves in creating terrorism from the IRA to the PLA was in fact based on black-ops propaganda fictions that the CIA created and inserted into European newspapers.

So when Cheney’s office gave Judith Miller evidence of weapons of mass-destruction in Iraq, and then used her article from the front cover of the New York Times to convince congress that there is evidence of weapons of mass-distruction in Iraq, we see that this technique isn’t new.

Our administration is ouroboros then, eating its own tail. Again, they prove, that no matter the fiction, it can’t best our real world for paradoxical strangeness. Especially when so much of the modern doctrine is based upon fictions in the first place.


Posted by: Martin McClellan
On the date of: October 29, 2006 07:39 PM
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