Names of Con Men

All true, taken from The Big Con, by David W. Maurer. Not listed in any particular order. Not a complete list.

Christ Tracy, Larry the Lug, Charley Gondorff, John Henry Strosnider, 102 St. George, Limehouse Chappie, Lou Blonger, Kid Duff, Elmer Mead (the Christ Kid), Jimmy the Rooter, Ora Cornell, Barney the Patch, Yellow Kid Weil, Buck Boatright, Crawfish Bob, Eddie Spears, The Keystone Kid, The Narrow Gage Kid, Gad Bryan, Frank MacSherry, Doc Sterling, Big Alabama Kid, Eddie Mines, Wildfire John, Omaha Blackie, Niagra George, Kid Duff, The Postal Kid, The Clinic Kid, Detroit Paul, Curley Carter, Nibs Callahan.


Posted by: Martin McClellan
On the date of: February 18, 2007 06:48 PM
Have you seen Hustle? ( I used to have a fascination with con men and cons... Hustle is worth a watch... it's sort of a "bubble gum" TV series, but it is produced by the BBC so it's at least a little intelligent... and every episode is based on an actual documented or classic long con... and as an added bonus, no one hotter than Jaime Murray ;)
I've never heard of Hustle. Thank you power of internets and kind posters on blogs! It's now at the top of my Netflix Queue. God save the BBC (and bring season two of 'The IT Crowd' very soon).
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