New Story posted. Writing Group Started.
“How would that guy dressed as a woman know that you weren’t a woman dressed as a man — or, even, a man dressed as a woman dressed as a man. Or — what if you were a gay man acting like a straight man to see what it was like to have sex with a woman?”

A new story that deals with fears of gender in an environment where you can choose your own. I give you Red Light Special [edit - 7/31/07 - the stories posted on have been removed to make way for future expansion. Please watch this space for future news]

Also, if you’re in Seattle and a writer and would like to maybe join a writer’s group please, Here’s how I described the group on Craigslist:

Wanna join a new writer’s group? I work on both short stories and novel projects, so I figure that people can submit a story or a chapter. I would propose that we meet once a month for a few hours to discuss and hand over notes.

Personally I’m interested in speculative fiction and literary fiction, but overall I’m more interested in the content of the work than the genre they may belong too.

I’m unpublished to date, but am working towards sending out some shorts and working on longer projects with the intent of publishing. I’m looking for serious minded folks in similar places, and a group mind on ideas for submission couldn’t hurt either.


Posted by: Martin McClellan
On the date of: March 21, 2007 07:24 AM
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