De-believing Evolution

John Scalzi visits the Creation Museum, and files a most excellent report.

Christian culture has only recently ramped itself up into being something other than a wan and denatured version of pop culture (this is evidenced in part by the fact that many evangelical Christian teens now dress as badly as the rest of their peers), and this is another high-production-value offering for this particular lifestyle choice.

I’ve been thinking similar thoughts recently, especially when wandering around the Ballard Sunday Market and playing the interesting game of guessing which pierced and tattooed folks are hipsters, and which are members of the beautifully designed hate crusade known as Mars Hill. Where, it appears, the Prince of Peace meets the God of War and brings you modern evangelism to an authentically rocking back beat. Raise your lighters and your devil horns, and pass the collection plate.

It used to be easy to tell the evangelicals. They dressed poorly, and their attempts to reach out to youth through music were laughable, ala The Beef Board’s attempts to reach a tween-girl audience.

But lately the appropriation of the cultures they are fighting is frighteningly accurate. Just like the commercial and wholesale appropriation of punk and other underground cultures by a mainstream audience.

It certainly isn’t against the rules now to listen to Death Cab. I wish it had been that way when the father of a good friend in high school made him get rid of his Devo albums. Oh wait — de-evolution — I’m not sure where the church stands on this. Can any Mars Hill members fill us in?


Posted by: Martin McClellan
On the date of: November 13, 2007 01:51 PM
I've heard so many scary things about Mars Hill, but there is a small part of me that wants to go and check out how truly bad it is. Am I strong enough to sit through an entire service? Or will I stalk out half-way through muttering something dfinitively un-christian under my breath, just loud enough for those around me to hear? (I'm longing to incorporate some of Kathy Griffin's mom's lines into my daily repertoire of epithets.) I kind of want to do some research and I'd check out what they're all wearing too - it's best to recognize the hunter, right? Will I? Or am I too chicken?
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