October 05, 2005

A History of Violence (2005, David Cronenberg)

I am sitting
in the evening
at the diner
on the corner.

I am looking
from the counter
at the man
who pours the coffee.

He is closing
up the diner
but before
he can do so,

he is looking
out the window
at two strangers
coming in.

"I am sorry
but we are closing"
says the man
behind the counter

to the strangers
who have come in.
One is old and
the other young.

And I look
when they say
they want some coffee
and some pie.

Then a woman
(maybe a waitress?)
tries to leave
by the front door

but she is stopped
by the young man
and the old one
pulls out a gun.

The old one
wants all the money
and the young one
touches her breast.

Then the man
behind the counter
does something
quite amazing.

He takes the empty
glass pot of coffee
and hits
the old guy's head.

The gun is loose
on the floor.
The man sees it.
Will he get it?

Yes he does so
and he fires it.
Five bullets hit
the young man's sternum.

But the old man,
he's still conscious.
He sticks a fork
in the man's foot.

But the man
isn't quite done yet.
His gun
is fired once more.

Oh, the bullet,
it will continue
through the skull
and out the face

of the old man
and there is silence.
I am thinking
of heroes

and of horrible murders,
gangland contract hits
performed execution-style.

I finish up my coffee.
This will be on the news.

Doo doo, duh duh doo doo
Duh duh doo doo, duh duh doo doo.

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