April 28, 2006

The Last American Virgin (1982, Boaz Davidson)

Kudos to Davidson for trying, in the last twenty minutes, to dig underneath the surface of the adolescent sex comedy and find something "real"; unfortunately, these characters aren't built to handle that kind of weight. (Imagine the Flintstones trying to do Macbeth -- it just doesn't work.) No doubt many at the time were annoyed by the wall-to-wall pop songs (especially since every single one is on the nose, thematically), but 24 years later it felt more like a time capsule, The Greatest Hits of 1981, coating the film in a kind of nostalgic haze that helps, even though it's completely unearned. (And was this thing tied up in rights issues like Heavy Metal? I can't see how it wasn't.) Only one single moment transcends the movie -- the "I Will Follow" montage -- and yet, how can you screw up with "I Will Follow"?. Still, it's good enough. People Are Gonna Look At Me Funny, Part One: Haven't done the research, but I feel pretty confident that this was a huge influence on Judd Apatow. People Are Gonna Look At Me Funny, Part Two: Kimmy Robertson in 1982 -- awww riiiight.

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April 27, 2006

59 Movies in 35 Days

Yes, I still have a blog, although I've been so busy with Spitball! and other projects that it's taken a back seat. And unfortunately, it will probably continue to do so for the near future.

However, even though I'm not writing about films for the time being, I am concerned about my slow viewing pace. Looking over my Listology lists, I figured out that, as of yesterday, I'll need to see 59 movies in the next 35 days (now 34!) to catch up.

I'm stupid enough to try.

To that end, I'm using a free tool called Backpack to set up a public page so friends, family, strangers, The Funky Four Plus Two More, etc. can keep track of my journey. Take a look at the opening slate of 22 movies here.

UPDATE: I'll be updating my progress every Monday morning with a note at the bottom of the Backpack page.

2nd UPDATE (6/1/06): Yeah, this is over. It was pretty much over about two weeks ago when I had to take care of some family business and watching movies just wasn't in the cards. But the dream lives on -- look for the sequel in July or August.

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