September 05, 2006

TiVo Alert! Milos Forman's "Taking Off"

We interrupt this previously scheduled blog hibernation to alert the world that Milos Forman's 1971 comedy Taking Off is showing this Saturday, 4:35am PST on the Sundance Channel. Unreleased on DVD (although as it's showing up on cable, that's bound to change), I was fortunate to see it on the big screen a few years ago. (I can't say where; that should be a big clue.) That viewing was one of my favorite movie-watching experiences of all time, and I hope to fucking God it's as hilarious as I thought it was then, because I'm gonna tell everyone I know to see it. Great performances by Buck Henry and Lynn Carlin, one of the best bits of editing I've ever seen in a movie, and the late great Vincent Schiavelli demonstrating how to smoke a joint. How can you go wrong?

Goddam I'm glad I checked my Wish Lists.

Posted by kza at 10:04 PM