February 08, 2007

Holy Shit, Part Two

Martin let me know that the Buzzcocks can be heard in a commercial for the AARP, which is weird enough, but I just heard Blister in the motherfucking Sun in the background of a Wendy's commercial. Because when I think about teenage sexual frustration, I think "square hamburgers".

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March 13, 2006

people who live in glass houses probably shouldn't listen to "Glass Houses"

At heyrocker's recommendation, but against my better judgment, I've signed up to last.fm. I say "against my better judgment" because, if you didn't know, last.fm is a site/tool that uploads the titles of the songs you're listening to on your computer for the whole world to see, and the stuff I listen to makes Martin (who can see my music via iChat) blanch. Ah well. If you're interested, look me up: I go by the handle UrbanShockah.

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April 20, 2005

"Walking With A Ghost", Tegan & Sara

So anyway, I love this song, and I'll probably pick up the album pretty soon from Silver Platters. But, going over the reviews over at Metacritic, I was surprised and a little confused. No, not by some of the weird vitriol directed at their voices or their pop sound. (Don't like pop? Fuck you. Christ, the way some of 'em talk, you'd think making a fine pop song was a crime.) No, what shocked me was that, of all the reviews for "So Jealous" that I scanned, I didn't see any mention of "Walking With A Ghost"'s spiritual advisor, Roky Erickson. Am I the only one that hears Roky in it? (I can especially imagine the Rokster repeating the "out of my mind" bit.) Or am I the only one that still listens to him? The album samples I listened to over at the iTunes store have a more varied sound, so maybe it's a fluke. (Also: "Where Does the Good Go?" sounds like Voice of the Beehive, but nobody remembers them, either...)

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March 02, 2004

Probot, "Probot" (2004)

Hey, he loved him some music, too.

This the first CD I've purchased from an actual, physical store in...God, I have no idea how long. Not long ago, my UK correspondent Mary gave, that's right, gave, me her 10 GB iPod. Now, if you know anything about iPods, you know that once stuff goes on, it can't come off -- it gets erased. Fortunately, I know people, and was able to strip the iPod of all her music and put it on my computer. (I'm still going through it all.) Anyway, the point is, between the iPod and some of my friends, there's been very little need to buy any music for a long time. Not so much because I can get anything I might want (although I probably could), but because I have enough to keep me busy for months, what with people throwing Red Kross, The New Pornographers, Kings of Leon, Dizzee Rascal, The Postal Service and The Shins at me, not to mention the ever-lovin' Beatles. (Soon, Martin, soon.)

But a few days ago, I bought the new Dave Grohl metal-fest Probot. I'm really, really digging it. It makes me feel like I'm 15 again. Not that I really listened to this kind of underground metal when I was 15; I was mostly into Ministry and Metallica then. (Actually, I was also really into the obscure British metal band Sabbat as well, but they were apparently under Grohl's radar. Maybe Martin Walkyier will pop up on Probot 2.) I read a review somewhere that said that only the first four songs are good; this is horse crap. In fact, song #4, "Access Bablyon" with Mike Dean, is the weakest track here. (I'm not much into straight thrash, generally.) My favorite is #5, in fact: "Silent Spring" with Kurt Brecht of D.R.I., a catchy, shout-along bit of metal. If by the end of the song, you're not yelling "NO!" along with Brecht, what the hell's the matter with you?

In fact, I think I prefer some of the slower numbers here, like Lee Dorrian's "Ice Cold Man" and Wino's "The Emerald Law" to the faster numbers that are front-loaded on the disc. Another highlight is "My Tortured Soul", which features Eric Wagner, probably the best straight-up singer on the album. I'm imagine most will diss it because, well, it could be a Foo Fighters song. That'd be a shame, cuz it's a great song.

Finally, it must be revealed that Jack Black makes an appearance at the very end, with a hidden song that I guess is called "I Am The Warlock". Imagine a more serious Tenacious D, without any acoustic guitar, getting in touch with their inner Satanic cultist. Yes, it's still hilarious.

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