May 10, 2005

The Evil (1978, Gus Trikonis)

The Evil is apparently Victor Buono, looking for all the world like that all-white old dude in The Matrix Rebooted that said stuff like “incontrovertibly” and “paradigm” and shit. (What was his name? Will Ferrell?) Anyway, the idea that a hellish pit of Ultimate Darkness would be a big white room with puffs of smoke on the floor and a fat bearded man on a throne – a stereotypical vision of Heaven, in other words – is pretty interesting, maybe even subversive. Too bad there’s nothing else to support the subversion (the crux of the story – an atheist comes to believe in God to stop the Devil – is in complete conflict with the visuals of the climax), or even make it a good haunted house movie. There’s a scene that suggests – I think – that three possessed characters are about to have sex with a corpse, but it’s shot and edited so haphazardly that I wasn’t sure. And couldn’t ex-Mr. Goldie Hawn find some way to kill off his characters, other than electricity? Alright, only three, but three is still too many, man.

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