Time to Die: The Treatment: Bare Bones Edition

So consider this the first shot across the bow of the U.S.S. Time To Die.

Note the First: Consider the following to be the equivalent of a four-track demo. Just a laying down of ideas that will get changed, fleshed-out, and more-or-less prettified by the time of their official debut. Despite the seeming completeness of the treatment (and the fact that I like it quite a bit), nothing here is sacred. If something isn't clicking with one of us, it will be replaced with something that clicks for both of us.

Note the Second: These aren't scenes. Something straightforward like "September finds a mass grave of charred bones" could take up fifteen seconds of screen time or ten minutes (assuming you are, in fact, Bela Tarr). It's just a "story unit", a piece of information that's required for the story to make some sort of sense. And, despite the number of story points provided here, I don't consider this complete.

Note the Third: The general approach here is looking at the story from the protagonist's POV, which particular emphasis on what makes achieving her goals difficult. The final story will present all the characters as independent movers, with goals, subplots, quirks, etc. However, this entry just isn't the place for those things. I expect that we will write different versions of this treatment from the POV of different characters later in the process.

Note the Fourth: More specifically, this story happens with a prison riot in the background. It's assumed that there is a back-and-forth power struggle between the guards and the prisoners that isn't resolved until the end. The treatment doesn't go into the specific actions by each party -- I figure that's for later. Related to this: Burley and I never decided the exact nature of the prison (an entire planet? Just a part? Enclosed? Or free-roaming prisoners?), and while the treatment is arranged around the vague idea of "this part is enclosed prison, this part is not", I'd like to think what's here is malleable enough to encompass whatever we decide the prison actually is.

Note the Final: Readers -- this is your chance to really have some say on the story. Don't like something I've suggested here? Think it's too obvious, too stupid, too something? Let us know.

Time to Die: A Bare Bones Treatment