Re[2]: Shockah's Time to Die Pitch: 1.0

you have September Rose going to the Prison Planet to meet her husband. So, the struggle all takes place there.

Um, I always thought that was the whole idea. Remember when we were talking about it offline last year, and the idea of the power struggle between the three factions (September, Inmates, Warden)?

I picture her on Earth, and a large part of the struggle is getting there. And then getting back.

Are you saying the second act is mostly her journey there? If so, you'll need to expand on that immensely. I don't see that as a movie. No, that's not true -- it's kind of a road movie, then. She goes X miles in space, meets someone or something. Goes another X miles, meets another someone or something. That may be a workable concept on its own, but I don't see how it meshes with what we have of the Time to Die concept.

I say: okay, he can be brought back, but more importantly, can she get him? That’s the question we want to raise in people’s heads.

Honest to God, I thought I did this.