State of the Blog: March

Citizens of the world, websurfing aliens, and sentient underwater overlords--welcome to the State of the Blog address for the month of March, 2006. We (we being I, as Shockah had nothing to do with it) apologize for the delay in posting this overview--it is my responsibility, and I fell behind. I accept any disappointment you feel in me, and will try to please you more next month.

We were happy to see a few more people popping up in the forums in this month, and we encourage all people reading this to go and comment on anything you would like, including comments like 'You guys are really boring me,' and 'I thought screenwriting was supposed to be filled with buxom babes, perilous parties and more excitement than any reasonable person should be exposed to.' Of course, we may be holding out on you and when you sign into the forums you will find those parties. That's all I have to say about that.

Our Google ranking has remained about the same this month. We're still a first page result for searching "Spitball". We posted around about 74 posts in March, wrapping up the first heat of our battle in Seattle over screenplay ideas. Shockah continued his fine study into the Sequence method, to which I added nothing of value other than occasional quips. Shockah gets the gold metal for actual work this month.

We both became weighed down in minutia in round 9, which seems to be a bit dispiriting to us both, but I predict will be a minor hiccup in the road. From my point of view, when we get into the nitty gritty about something, it's usually about something else--in this case, I think it's about the weakness of the two ideas presented.

The last week of March saw a dramatic slowdown--first from my need to focus on work, and then from the flu which struck me down in practically biblical ways. Speaking of which, how about that Gospel of Judas? I'll bet you gnostics are just psyched.

In any case, I predict April will be much busier as things pick up. We're about to start round 10, and it contains two very strong ideas that we both have strong opinions about. Get ready for a smackdown.

Thank you for tuning in to Spitball!, the world's only screenplay being written by blog. Memberships are still available for free. Hurry and sign up, before they are all gone.