Re[5]: Shockah's Time to Die Pitch: 1.0

One note I just thought of. I’ll bet I threw you off by my blank meets blank statement, so I should describe it a bit. Of course, the need to do so totally negates the spirit of the statement, and shows probably how poor my choices were. But, as a first stab, I picked those two movies because each had elements I thought important to Time To Die.

Picked because I liked the idea of September Rose being tenacious and dedicated to her cause, but without being a caricature of a male character. The obvious choice here might have been Alien or Aliens, but I chose Silkwood because of Streep’s feminine take on strength. I think the trap to avoid here is making September Rose masculine in her actions and demeanor. The question really stands as: how would a real unstoppable woman handle this?

I’m sure this is where the idea of the road trip movie started, and this is where I fell on my face. I picked this movie not because of the driving, but because of the non-stop forward momentum. So, let’s take this one off the table until I think of one that better describes the action I see in my head.

I’ll make an effort to describe better my left-field choices, and I know these weren’t perfect. I just didn’t know we had the option to post without the blank meets blank statement (Oooooooooo! Smack!).